Primal real Estate

There are things that go bump in the night and sometimes they need legal counsel. Jon Doe, newly minted Harvard Graduate, learns that some things are too good to be true when he accepts a job offer only to get roped into a shadow war between the Senate and the Court of Raptors, two rival camps of shapeshifting monsters. They’ve been going at it tooth and claw for centuries and Jon is the latest pawn in their game.

No matter which of the two factions Jon sides with, the esteemed Mr. Doe will be marked for a sudden, messy end at the claws, jaws, and fangs of the other side as neither of the Houses take rejection lightly. His only allies in this debacle are Magda, a scarred war veteran in service to the Senate, Selina, a high ranking noble of the Court of Raptors, and Jon’s old college buddy, Marc, who just so happens to be a vampire.

Now the lawyer will have to rely on his silver tongue and quick wits or his blood will stain the sands in Primal Real Estate.

Want a Taste?

an excerpt from Primal Real Estate

Shrieks of joy split the air, lovers whispered sweet nothings in one another’s ear, and the smell of hot dogs and cotton candy suffused the glittering bacchanal. Another balmy night at the San Dominguez boardwalk.

A pity that the man running across the moonlit beach couldn’t enjoy the evening’s festivities.

Rupert Turo’s breath came out in desperate gasps, lungs burning as he powered across the sands. Blood fell from countless cuts, his clothes clinging to him more by sweat and blood than any remaining cloth, wet patches of sand left behind him like crimson breadcrumbs. Each time Rupert fell, terror pushed him to his feet and drove him onwards, clinging to a desperate and forlorn hope to survive. The sand sucked at his feet, kicking up in great plumes as he ran from his tormentors. The lights and laughter of the boardwalk faded behind the fleeing accountant until only a sliver of moonlight peeked through the clouds to watch the panicked prey flee.

Luna was the only witness to Mr. Turo’s end as his harriers tired of their game.

A growling snarl erupted behind the panting man, close as his own shadow. Rupert turned with a shout, arms thrown up in a futile gesture as he fell beneath a nightmare of claws and fang.

His screams in the dark were swallowed by the crashing waves and lost amidst the joyous revelry in the bright waterfront arcades.

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