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i have a bio – this is it!

i have a bio:

this is it!

Let’s not mince words. Nick’s a geek. Raised on a heady diet of comics, cartoons, and sword and sorcery books, the nascent word-smith grew up with a head half in this world and half in a fantastical otherworld full of larger than life stories. And Nick loved to share those stories.

Nick never missed a chance to tell a tale, from running pen and paper RPG’s with friends to writing short stories. Hell, the poor bastard even went through college to become a historian because there’s no bigger collection of stories out there than history.

Having done commissioned writing works, ranging from ghost-writing a clean romance novel (yes, try to wrap your brain around that one) to a short yarn about Benedict Arnold’s love life, and contributing to two anthologies, New Beginnings and New Adventures, Nick is launching his debut novels, Butcher’s Tale and Primal Real Estate.

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Is bloody hard. Or at least it can be for scatterbrained author. It's not that  we intend to, say, not post weekly bits of fluff and nonsense to engage an audience for a nascent author webpage. Its just that life gets in the way. So! We have the power of...

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Con Cravings

The 2018 Sinister Creature Con was absolutely fantastic. Such amazing talent out there and so many terrific people stopping by the booth! My only regrets are: 1) MY EMAILS FROM T HE SIGNED BOOK YIELDED NO REPLIES! Sorry good folks, I really did intend to email you all...

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Happy New Year!

Brand new star and we are all raring to go! And sometimes that planned jump off the starting line is a bit of a stumble. But, like a cat, we can flip over and pretend like we meant to do that. 😀 Don’t stop doing what you do. Whatever goals you have, chase up. Whine,...

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What’s New?

This Release!

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